the recent efforts of Felez Tadarok company in providing raw materials for Mobarakeh Steel company.

Felez Tadarok company declared its preparation in providing all kinds of ferro alloys and steel productions needed by steel companies in all over the country.

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Ghourchani, the managing director of Felez Tadarok company, in the interview with Prdazesh magazine, declared this preparation and by  pointing that Felez Tadarok company has activities towards meeting the needs of the downstream units and the market based on the politics of Mobarakeh steel company, he said: this company is also able to provide sheets and alloy pipes that are not produced in Iran, but are needed by steel and petroleum industries by importing them from abroad.

This ability has originated from the recent mision, established by Felez Tadarok company and the lack of iron ore in Iran and will be implemented by providing raw materials such as iron ore for Mobarakeh Steel company by the use of small and medium mines.

He also added: Felez Tadarok company has registered 7 mining spans, with the whole area equal to 283km^2, in Zanjan, Isfahan and Kerman provinces and is now passing the legal procedures of inquiries and exploration operation. Meanwhile, the company is now negotiating for the spans in Khaf, Yazd and Sistan and Baluchestan.

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