Felez Tadarok vision

  • Being recognized as the most reliable provider of raw materials for Mobarakeh Steel company and other producers in steel industry up to 2021
  • Optimal usage of internal and external investment chances
  • Development of exports so as to be present in external markets
  • Effective presence as one of the top three companies in Iran until 2021 in EPC projects of water, oil and gas piplines in partnership with contracting companies, which are active in pipeline implementation , 

Policy of Felez Tadarok company

  • Developing partnership amongst employees as the main capital of the company and improvement of their abilities through training
  • Availability of information and resources necessary to achieve the micro and macro goals, defined in the organization.
  • Integrity-honesty and adherence to individual and organizational commitments.
  • Improving the level of customer satisfaction and developing joint cooperation with Mobarakeh Steel company in Isfahan.
  • Paying attention to social responsibilities in line with environmental issues.

Ethical charter of the company

  • Adherence to Islamic beliefs, religious teaching, national values and observance of moral principles
  • Respect for the personality and human dignity of colleagues
  • Adequate knowledge of strategic plans, macro goals and approaches of the company and its application in activity process
  • Recognition of the goals of the organization and efforts to align individual goals with it
  • Commitment of all employees to play their roles in achieving growth and excellence
  • Efforts to make the best use of information, knowledge and science of the day and to promote scientific and professional capacity in the field of assigned affairs