Silico Manganese is used as a deoxidizer and an alloying element in steel. The standard grade Ferro Silico Manganese contains 14 to 16% of silicon, 60 to 68% of manganese and 2.5% of carbon. Special grades with up to 30% Si are used in the manufacture of stainless steel. Ferro Silico Manganese can be used as a substitute for Ferro Silicon and Ferro Manganese when added to make different types of steel which results in in cleaner steel less phosphorus, carbon, and nitrogen to steel compared to standard FeSi 75 plus HC FeMn.

Below you can find the typical analysis for the ferro silico manganese which is affordable by Mobarakeh Steel Felez Tadarok company. For more information please call the sales and marketing department of the company.

10-60 mm  (90% min)


Analysis of Ferro silico manganese

60% min


2.5% max


14%  min


0.3% max


0.03% max