Ferro manganese is an alloy of iron and manganese containing usually about 80% manganese.Ferro manganese is used mainly to counteract the bad effects of sulfur. It also acts as a deoxidizer and combines with sulfur, thereby improving the hot-working properties of the product. It imparts metallurgical properties such as increased strength, hardness toughness and hardenability.

This ferroalloy is divided into three groups based on carbon percentage: low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon. For general use and for the production of products with insensitivity to carbon increase, high carbon ferromanganese is used and in alloy steels used in sensitive sources and steels that will be welded, medium carbon and low carbon ferromanganese is used.

Below you can find the typical analysis for the ferro manganese which is affordable by Mobarakeh Steel Felez Tadarok company. For more information please call the sales and marketing department of the company.

10-60 mm  (90% min)


Analysis of

Ferro manganese

76% min




1.5%  max


0.25% max


0.05% max