Mobarakeh Steel Felez Tadarok Company of Isfahan, after successful implementation of the relevant standards, succeeded in obtaining international certificates including ISO10002: 2018 (customer satisfaction) and ISO10004: 2018 (complaint handling) from SGS inspection company.

Mohammad Hossein Ghorchani, CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Felez Tadarok Company of Isfahan, while confirming this news, said that the audit process was held on the 14th of August of this year in compliance with all health protocols. While appreciating the cooperation of all units, he acknowledged that receiving these two certifications is an important step in moving the company towards customer orientation in the commercial and commercial fields, which provides the possibility of handling the feedbacks, coming from customers, in a favorable manner.

It should be mentioned that ISO10002: 2018 standard guides companies , including commercial, non-commercial and even e-commerce companies,  in designing an effective and efficient system for the process of handling customer complaints. ISO10004: 2018 is also a standard for achieving customer satisfaction by the products  and services of organizations and the application of this standard through the classification of customer needs, causes the organization to move towards customer orientation and customer satisfaction.